Custom Rug

Some spaces need little more than just a rug, with our Custom Rug service you can create a rug of your choice under your control according to your design vision in no time

Experience choice & unbounded creativity WINGQD (Quick Delivery) provides you with infinite choices to create the carpet of your dream. No other Custom Rug program offers the variety of designs, colors and textures in such a fast and cost effective service. You can virtually create any design to your specific size, shape and color requirement. Once the order is confirmed, our skilled craftsmen will recreate a high quality, hand/shaggy carpet of your choice. What’s more, you will receive your new carpet within 6 weeks of confirming your order. We collaborate with you to understand your vision and offer you a canvas to paint your own Custom Rug.

DESIGN CHOICE Our Design Bank consists of more than 100 patterns ranging in style from traditional to contemporary. All designs can be tailored or altered according to your choice: Whether you want the rug for your home space or for commercial installations, Or you want the rug patterns to coordinate with specific fabric or soft furnishings/ motifs to highlight special themes or incorporate corporate identities, we have it all covered.

TEXTURE CHOICE Its important to decide the type of floor covering you want. The program offers you an array of options in yarns and textures to choose from -Wool, Moire, Pluche, Broderie, Quartz, Gossamer, Gossamer More or Penna. From intricate hand knotted to Hand woven constructions to a simpler yet elegant hand tufted construction, to Beautiful Handloom or Shaggy constructions.

COLOUR CHOICE Color creates the atmosphere, the feeling and subtle nuances in the development of any interior design scheme. We have simplified the color selection by introducing an innovative color system in our program which allows you to select complimentary color color combinations according to your desire with ease. The WINGSQD color collection includes a choice of 156 +54 colors/textures in different yarns. The colors vary from subtle tones to brighter hues that will surely add the required finishing touch to any design scheme.

SHAPE & SIZE CHOICE WINGQD also enables you to create your design in any size or shape: From circles to squares to rectangles to ovals to abstract, the choice is unlimited. Just imagine and we can create it for your space.

All this in a jiffy,
Once you are done with customization you can send your order sheet to your online retailer with a click or Print your order sheet and submit the same to the store near you, clearly specifying the required dimensions and your choice. You can browse through our Programs user guide or watch the video and learn how to use our program. Once initial concept and your choices have been specified, our designers will transform these concepts into your dream design.